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  • Bringing the world renewable energy in order to be fully


    QUDRA's mission

  • To become a world leader who continuously increase the availability and affordability of renewable energy

    green future

    QUDRA's vision

  • we smell which way

    the wind is blowing

    Wind Turbines are used to convert wind, a renewable source of energy to electricity

  • we develop

    solar systems

    in which they can store a massive amount of energy in terms of substantial cost reductions over the present market prices

What we offer

We oofer diferent services

We offer a wide variety of renewable energy solutions including solar energy products and solutions, wind turbines, water, and Thermal Energy Storage

Solar System

Using Flat Solar Panels in Solar Plants for large scale projects or on roof-top for small to med renewable projects

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Wind Turbines

Using Wind Turbines in large quantities for Electricity and Water Desalination with Thermal Energy Storage facility

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Thermal Energy Storage

Using Thermal Energy Storage with Solar Concentration or Solar Electricity and Water Desalination for Max Storage

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we do awesome works, some of our Products:

We redesign the solar energy collection system and thermal energy storage in order to provide continuous supply of solar thermal energy with a market competitve cost

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Our Features

Why choose our solutions

With the increasing world energy shift towards renewable energy, we differ from others by providing a very efficient technology in affordable and more valuable implementation cost.

Newest Technologies

latest tech with periodic Preventive maintenance from time to time

Green tech

Taking care of nature is one of our working ethics at QUDRA energy.

Environmental work style

Not only our products are green. But the way we implement projects is also eco-friendly.

24/7 Professional Support

We offer a one-to-one after sales support for our customers via several channels


A very effecient technology in affordable and more valiable implementation cost.

Saudi-Based Company

Saudi Arabia is considered as a solar-rich area and 12-months sunny weather.

From idea to realization

What we provide

Not only engineering and selling, Qudra Energy can help you with a lot of consultation services for a smooth transmission to go-green-home or eco-friendly-office. Also, we provide:

Who we are

Our team

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    Yosuf Al-Motlaq

    Founder & CEO

    We're seeking Saudi talents to join our office in Riyadh. If it sounds you, view currently open jobs at our career page

    We're hiring Now!

Connect with us

Our Contacts

You can reach us using the following details, or feel free to drop a messgae or a question directly via our online contact form and we will get back to you in a short while.

Head office

Riyadh Tech Valley - P.O Box 93757
Zipcode 11683 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Support: +966 11 469 3258
Office: +966 555 44 2345

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Qudra Energy - Riyadh Office

Riyadh Tech Valley P.O Box 93757 - Zipcode 11683

QUDRA is a Saudi energy startup established in 2017 by Yosuf Al-Motlaq. The Saudi-based company provides a wide range of renewable energy products and green tech solutions.

contact us

Riyadh Tech Valley P.O Box 93757 Riyadh, KSA. Zipcode 11683
+966 11 469 3258
+966 555 44 2345